• Successfully create & maximize wealth for PORTFOLIO COMPANIES & INVESTORS/PARTNERS and add long lasting value to association


  • To be growth partner & not just passive investors.
  • To provide extensive strategic leadership / mentorship support.
  • Assist in implementing specific business goals and objectives.


  • Put hearts and minds together in stakeholders endeavours.
  • Stakeholders goal and well-being comes first.
  • Commitment and Responsibility towards success of PORTFOLIO COMPANIES.

11.2 stands for terminal velocity when you fly free.

The ethos of 11.2 is that entrepreneurs should fly free in pursuit of their dreams.



Durga Das

Founder and Partner

Durga has more than twenty years experience in the critical early stages of startups – with skilled emphasis on creation, management, business development, marketing and sales. She has over 25 years of startup and investment experience both in India and the Silicon Valley and has successfully invested and exited in 7 plus startups. Durga is the Founder of Das Star Ventures.

Kishore Reddy

Founder and Partner

Kishore Reddy has over 30 years of experience in Management of large retail businesses and their scaling up in distribution. He is also an advisor to various brands and funds for their expansion strategy.

Ranga Iyer

Founder and Partner

Ranga Iyer is a veteran of the Pharma industry, Ex CEO of Wyeth Lederle with immense experience in corporate and large size businesses.

Debashish Ghosh

Founder and Partner

Debashish Ghosh has over 25 years experience in the Times Group, ex CEO of Zee Digital and now currently COO at Le Eco Mobiles.

Jai Bangani

Founder and Partner

Jai Bengani has over 15 years of experience in finance & investment management. He owns and manages an NBFC based out of Calcutta and has been an active investor for the past 5 years.

Areas of Interest

  • AR/VR
  • IOT
  • Health & Weallness
  • Youth
  • Robotics
  • Education
  • Environment

Defining 11.2 Advisors

Investment Thesis

Strategies & Philosophy


Early Stage Funding & Support

11.2, will reach out to potential entrepreneurs with relevant domain experience, bringing them in as Entrepreneurs--In--Residence (EIRs). We help them conceptualize a vision and build a comprehensive and achievable business plan. We identify key team members, fund and offer proactive, participative support with clea rules of governance, taking the new business to the mature stage of value where traditional VC’s can now explore funding a proven model to scale.


Growth Selection

11.2 looks for clear value enhancement (brand, market share, best practices) that will generate Multiple Gain.



Not sector specific. We invest accross different domains and verticals to mitigate risk. 11.2's Philosophy on investing in different verticals driven by the fact that at different times, different verticals are driven by policies that drive growth and opportunity.


Investment beyond business

11.2 doesn’t just invest in excel sheets or balance sheet statements, but rather in ideas and people; partnering with individuals and businesses to jointly create the ability for entrepreneurs to fly free.. free from earth’s gravity to a whole new universe called Success.



11.2 works with its portfolio companies to drive to an exit with its investors in a reasonable time frame typically 4-5 years. The exit could be driven through M&A deals with the strategic investors or larger players, or alternatively through a secondary offering at an institutional event - Series A or B